Performance & Quality Improvement Process (PQI)

Our Commitment to Quality Improvement

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is committed to providing the highest quality services in the promotion of health, justice and hope. Our Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) process is designed to monitor, evaluate and improve programmatic accessibility, appropriateness, safety and results. The agency’s Director of Organizational Excellence leads the PQI process.

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About PQI

Each of our agency’s nine primary area/regional offices implements a local PQI process. This regional PQI process is tailored to the unique needs of and services provided in each community, and incorporates input from multiple stakeholders, including staff, clients, partners and other community members.

Every quarter, the area/regional offices send a representative to an agency-wide PQI meeting, which focuses on the systematic review of successes, concerns and questions from the local level. Each meeting reviews:

  • Incidents / Accidents / Grievances / Risk Management
  • Case Record Reviews
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Programmatic Outcomes

The Quality Improvement Process
The agency PQI Team provides recommendations for action to the LCSNW Leadership Team based on the findings and discussion from the agency-wide meeting. A summary of recommendation highlights as well as a detailed accounting of programmatic outcomes is then sent to the LCSNW Board of Directors for review.