Family Community Support

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Parenting Resources

We provide Parent Classes to help provide parents with the skills needed for better communication with their child. The individual is referred by their therapist for this service. The classes teach parents effective discipline techniques, how to build the child's cooperation, the power of encouragement, and promote mutual respect between parents and children. They learn how to build the child's character, courage, and self-esteem. Parents are also instructed on how to reduce the risks of drugs, sexuality and violence, along with prevention strategies in these areas.

Parenting Plan Mediation

Mediation is a service to assist parents in establishing a parenting plan. This is a court-ordered service and allows up to two mediation sessions per order. The focus of mediation is the well being of the children and serves as a means to resolve conflict regarding parenting time. The success of this process rests largely on the willingness of both parties to seek solutions that meet each other's needs.

Divorced Parent Classes

Bridging the Gap is a three-hour seminar for divorcing parents. It is an educational program to assist parents in helping children cope with separation and divorce.

Divorce can be a significant loss for children of all ages. They often go through a period of grieving but can also heal quite successfully and gain life skills from the experience. Children are not always open with their feelings and concerns; they often feel isolated and in the middle of adult programs. Children's emotional burdens can be lessened when parents work hard to separate their needs from their children's needs.

Bridging the Gap focuses on children's needs and how parents can help decrease both long and short-term struggles. It is not therapy or a workshop on divorce law. It is an opportunity for the parents to learn skills to help children cope with effects and consequences of divorce, and inform the parents of community resources.