3 Rivers Wraparound

A different approach to mental and behavioral health

3 Rivers Wraparound is a program that uses the wraparound process to help families and youth identify and address needs behind behaviors. 3 Rivers Wraparound offers a unique process for serving youth with mental health and behavioral health challenges who may need a more intensive level of care beyond the traditional treatment model.  This program offers the same elements as the WISe program but does not provide therapy. An outpatient therapist may be included on the team if there is one involved with the youth and family.



Equipping youth and families to create their own success

3 Rivers Wraparound is a high-fidelity wraparound program that adheres to 10 principles which drive our work with families and youth. By using strengths already present in the youth and family, we use creative and individualized solutions to support the family in reaching their desired outcomes. We specialize in working with youth who have multiple system involvement including Juvenile Justice, Child Protective Services, etc. You can find more information about the wraparound model and the 10 principles here.

With the support of our program, families, and youth are able to recognize their strengths and develop skills which empowers them to meet the challenges of everyday life with confidence, even after they have graduated the program.

3 Rivers Wraparound serves youth up to the age of 18 who are Medicaid eligible and have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. 3 Rivers Wraparound is a voluntary program.

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For more resources on High Fidelity Wraparound, visit https://nwi.pdx.edu/

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