World Refugee Day

June 20 is World Refugee Day. Lutheran Community Services Northwest joins the United Nations and countless other organizations in commemorating and celebrating the strength and resilience of our refugee communities.

Check our June calendar for events that we are involved in.


"Where are you from and how did your family get here?"

The United States is a country composed of immigrants and refugees. Our history shows that as a country, we have always opened our arms to refugees and immigrants fleeing from persecution and violence. The same is true today, and these refugees from the Northwest talk about their journey to freedom and their hopes for their families' future.

Refugee Programs at Lutheran Community Services

Seattle/King County Region:
Refugee and Asylum Services
International Counseling and Community Services
Multicultural Community Services
Refugee and Immigrant Children’s Program (Foster Care)
Northwest Health and Human Rights

Pathways to Wellness
Portland, Oregon
Refugee Resettlement Program
Multicultural Counseling Services
Immigration Counseling and Advocacy Program (ICAP)
Citizenship Classes
Pathways to Wellness
School Assistance for Refugee Newcomers (SAFRN)
"Adopt a Family" Holiday Giving Program
Vancouver, Washington
Immigration Counseling and Advocacy Services
Refugee Resettlement Services
English as a Second Language Tutoring
Citizenship Classes and Legal Assistance

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is dedicated to providing sanctuary to the world’s most vulnerable people - refugees displaced due to persecution and conflict in their homeland. From helping resettle refugees, to providing mental health services and basic needs, to finding foster families for unaccompanied minors, LCSNW is committed to welcoming refugees and helping them navigate this new culture. Read on for an inspiring story of strength and perseverance.

Listed to the right are the programs that are helping make better lives for refugees. Click on the links shown to learn more about our services and how you can help us in providing a safe and welcome community for refugees.