Stories of Hope

In Stories of Hope you can read about lives transformed through the work of Lutheran Community Services - people we serve and how our staff and programs were able to make a difference.


“I had been in an abusive relationship for 13 years, and I had tried over and over again to leave. If it hadn’t been for LCS, I would probably would have fallen back and still be there, me and my children, getting hurt. But now we’re thriving, we’re happy, and we’re moving on, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. LCS is very important, not only to me, but to women and children out there who need the support that LCS offers. Without it people would be lost.”

Rachel and her children were helped by LCS’ Domestic Violence Family Services, which works to heal the psychological damage to women and children caused by domestic violence through counseling and education.


Amen and Yvonne

“When we got married, we agreed we would adopt, as well as have kids of our own. We often hear ‘save the children,’ and ‘children are the future.’ Well, a lot of the need is right here in our own backyard. Every kid deserves a stable family – a place to call their own, that’s going to be there… forever. This gives them a foundation so they can grow. Being involved with LCS has been a double blessing – it’s blessed us and we’ve been able to bless these children.”

Amen and Yvonne are foster-adoptive parents through LCS’ Permanency Planning Foster Care Program, which provides children with foster families who commit to adopting them if reunification with their biological families is not possible



“One of my legs was shattered, the other one was broken, and I was in a wheelchair. LCS volunteers came and brought us food, helped clean my house… even cut the weeds. Without their help, my husband would have had to take a lot of time off work, which would have killed us financially. They took my mind off of things that needed to be done so I could concentrate on healing. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be up and walking by now.”

After a severe accident left her home-bound, Brenda was helped by volunteers from LCS’ Interfaith Care Team Ministry, which recruits, trains and coordinates congregation members to serve their neighbors in needs.


The Tsyumbak Family

“In our country we didn’t have freedom - no opportunities. If you were a Christian, or didn’t belong to the right political party, you didn’t have opportunities to go to good schools or get good jobs. When we first came to America, Lutheran Community Services helped us with furniture; to find a washing machine; with translating and reading our mail. Without them we wouldn’t know who to turn to. Thank you for raising our spirits.”

The Tsylumbak Family found a new life and a brighter future in America, thanks to LCS’ Multicultural Community Services, which provides support and assistance to newly-arrived refugees and immigrants.