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The Rev. Paul Stumme-Diers

Dear Friend,

The current refugee crisis has become impossible to ignore. We are confronted regularly with heartbreaking images in the news, fervent debate on social media, and impassioned rhetoric from presidential candidates.

Concerned for the many displaced people around the world, members of my congregation often ask me, “What can we do for them, Pastor?” My answer is confident: “We are already helping them, through Lutheran Community Services Northwest.”

As a Board member for LCS Northwest, I am intimately acquainted with the importance of refugee services. As Pastor of Bethany Lutheran on Bainbridge Island, I am also very aware that people want to help, but might not know how.

Bethany Lutheran has chosen to partner with LCS Northwest in a number of ways. We held a film screening of “Salam Neighbor” that shared the refugee story with our community. We have furnished apartments for refugee families, and raised funds for beds and blankets. Our quilting group is making up baby kits for refugee families. We have also made financial contributions to LCS Northwest’s Refugee Resettlement work.

Working with LCS Northwest, we are all one family. Will you join us, by making a gift to LCS Northwest today?

In addition to helping refugees, your gift will make a difference for:

  • Children at risk
  • Victims of violence or trauma
  • Seniors and persons with disabilities
  • People challenged by mental, addictive and other health issues
  • Families and local communities

Please make a donation today by CLICKING HERE. Your gift will be directed to services in your region of the Northwest.

Thank you for believing in health, justice and hope!


Rev. Paul Stumme-Diers
Pastor, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bainbridge Island
Board of Directors member, Lutheran Community Services Northwest

P.S. Please consider a gift today to support all of the members of our community we serve.