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3 Rivers Wraparound Program

3321 W. Kennewick Avenue, Suite 150 • Kennewick, Washington 99336 (509) 783-2085 • E-Mail


3 Rivers Wraparound Program logo3 Rivers Wraparound Program partners with families and communities to coordinate care and supportive services for at-risk youth in Benton and Franklin Counties. The vision of this unique program is to demonstrate that youth who have challenging emotional and behavioral health needs can be best served in their own home within their own communities, using a team approach that is strengths-based, family centered, and cost-effective. The program will coordinate the efforts of system service providers with natural supports identified by the family and the youth.

OUR MISSION: The 3 Rivers Wraparound Program will assist at-risk children and families in identifying local sources of support, and work with those families in coordinating natural and system supports in a way that builds on family strengths and promotes the family's security and well-being.


Supporting Families in Our CommunitySupporting Families in Our Community

The 3 Rivers Wraparound Program will focus on measurable outcomes, such as increasing satisfying family and peer relationships, meaningful community involvement, and success in school, all while promoting good behavioral and social health.

Our strategies include:

  • Creating an individualized action plan that ensures a precision fit between what families need and what they get.
  • The use of non-traditional interventions that maximize the strengths and innate resources of each child and family.
  • photoThe creation of a child and family team that meets regularly, comprised of any involved system service providers as well as supports from the family's natural environment.
  • A comprehensive view of each child and family that acknowledges strengths and needs across all domains of life.
  • A discovery of each family's culture and vision that influences planning and intervention.

The program will target youth who are at especially high risk of being removed from their homes and community because of their exceptional needs. Care Coordinators will partner with families and systems to develop creative, individualized plans using non-traditional resources to allow these youth to remain safely in their home and community.

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For more information, call the 3 Rivers Wraparound Program at 509-783-2085
Matthew Kuempel, Assistant District Director, 3321 W. Kennewick Ave., #150 Kennewick, WA



Examples of people who may refer: school personnel, case managers, therapists, social workers, probation counselors, and family members. The initial step of the process is to fill out the referral form and submit it via fax, mail, or in person. Once 3RWP staff receives the referral, they will contact the referral source, and, if the family meets criteria for the program (see eligibility criteria below), a time will be set up to meet with family and referral source to discuss the Wraparound process. After this meeting, and if the family is willing and able to participate, the program director takes the referral to our Screening Committee (made up of our funding sources). After the family is accepted, they will be contacted with their start date. .

  1. Fill out referral form
  2. Return form to 3 Rivers Wraparound Program
  3. 3 Rivers staff contacts referral source
  4. 3 Rivers staff meets with referral source and family
  5. Family decides if they are willing, ready, and able to participate
  6. Program director takes referral to Screening Committee
Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order for a youth and family to be considered for enrollment in the program:

  • The youth must be covered by Medicaid.
  • The youth and caregiver(s) must be ready, willing and able to fully participate in the program.
  • The youth must be under 18 years of age.
  • The youth must have a major mental health diagnosis.
  • The youth and family have worked with or are now currently involved with at least two system service providers (examples might be: mental health, specialized school programs, juvenile justice, Department of Child and Family Services, chemical dependency treatment etc.).

Referral Forms

Download CIS (Children's Intensive Services) Referral form (405 KB Adobe PDF)

Contact Information

3 Rivers Wraparound Program
3321 West Kennewick Avenue, Suite 150
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: 509-783-2085
Fax: 509-783-2089

Please use E-mail for inquiries only. Do not e-mail referral forms. Doing so violates the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Please mail forms to the address above.





logoWhat are Family and Youth Partners?

Family and Youth Partners can become a part of your Child and Family Team. They provide temporary and focused support to your family in meeting the objectives set by your family and Child and Family Team. The Family and Youth Partners’ exact roles are tailored to your family’s unique needs by way of specific strategies and action steps established during team meetings. Some examples of Family and Youth Partners’ roles are:

  • One-on-one parent or youth support in a focused and purposeful way
  • Assisting family in identifying and accessing natural supports
  • A point of contact and support in between team meetings
  • Ensuring that the family’s voice is amplified at team meetings
  • Offering tips, options and ideas for organization, family activities and coping skills

These are only a few general examples of the kind of support a Family or Youth Partner could offer. Because Wraparound operates based on a family’s unique strengths and needs, Family or Youth Partners’ roles can be as diverse as the families.

Group Support Programs for Parents/Kids & Youth

The 3 Rivers Wraparound Program’s Family Organization also offers our families a variety of group support and other family programs.

Amanda Crawmer, Family Support Coordinator For more information, call (509)783-2085 or E-mail