Angelita fulfills dream at 80

Angelita is a kind and humble woman who doesn’t often boast unless it is about her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She worked hard and loved her large family fiercely – a deep love that brought her to the U.S.from Michoacan, Mexico, at age 62.

Angelita’s son helped both of his parents get their Green Cards and reunite with their adult kids living in the U.S. After her husband's death in 2011, Angelita was thankful to have family nearby to grieve with. 

A resident of Yamhill County, Oregon, Angelita was excited when she first came to LCSNW at age 79 and found out she could apply for U.S. citizenship. Unfortunately, her first interview didn't go as hoped because she was unable to read and write. Growing up in extreme poverty, she never had the opportunity to attend school as a child. 

With help from her children, grandchildren, and LCSNW and Unidos Bridging Community citizenship classes, Angelita worked hard to study for her test. Despite her limited literacy, it took just three weeks to learn the 100 questions and answers required to pass the citizenship test. “I had to work really hard,” she said. “One volunteer even came to my house several times a week to help me study.” 

“When the officer said I passed, my volunteer translator and I started crying together, right there in front of the officer,” she said. “She told me how proud she was of me.” 

Angelita remembers walking out of the interview with pride. “I called my entire family,” she said.

Angelita credits LCSNW’s Safe Route Immigration program for “making my dreams come true. They helped me to meet my goal and discover I could do something I thought was impossible.”

She became a U.S. citizen in November 2022, at age 80.