24/7 Crisis Services

Support for Crook County residents experiencing a mental health crisis

If you or someone you know who lives in Crook County who is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call us at (541) 323-5330 extension 1.

Calls are answered by one of our team members 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We can coordinate transportation for those who need assistance.

We provide immediate crisis assessments, evaluations and interventions. We provide these services nearly anywhere including emergency rooms, jails, schools, businesses and homes.

The crisis team works with involved community partners. We can conduct civil commitment investigations, facilitate admittance to psychiatric facilities, and serve as client advocates or liaisons.

Our crisis support team is on the “frontline” for access to mental health services. We provide immediate mental health care, program orientation, and refer people to services. Referrals to long-term care services may include other LCS Northwest programs.

Call (541) 323-5330 ext. 1
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