Project Changes: School Partnership for Adolescent Behavioral Health Services

Helping Klamath youth build life skills

At Projects Changes, we help youth and adolescents build critical life skills in Klamath County and City Junior High and High Schools.

Skills we help youth 11-18 year olds build are:

  • Communications
  • Decision making
  • Stress Management
  • Behavioral Management
  • Problem Solving

Project Changes provides substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment resources to all Klamath junior and senior high students. There is no cost for students, and our Project Changes Specialists work in partnership with school staff. Alcohol and drug assessments, mental health referrals, Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) program referrals and treatment services can be provided to students at their schools.

Another key component of Project Changes is Leadership and Resiliency training for students. This training focuses on reducing school absences and disciplinary situations, improving grades, and reducing or eliminating substance abuse.

Our goals at Project Changes are:

  1. To implement research-based, prevention and intervention curriculums, focusing on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use for students.
  2. To implement mental health services to all youth in the schools.
  3. To develop and build positive school-based relationships, develop clear protocols, implement appropriate services, and establish a data collection system that tracks results.
  4. To align school, peer, individual, family and community resources toward the prevention, intervention, ATOD treatment, and mental health for adolescent.

Our Project Changes partners include United Way, Klamath County/City School District and Juvenile Crime Prevention

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