Help Out In a Hurry

  • Address envelopes and thank you cards
    In the winter months, and following some of our events we send out many cards. Help add a personal touch that will let our supporters know how much we care for them, and hand write addresses.


  • Do a little data entry


  • Teach an independent living workshop to refugee foster youth
    An important part of our work with teen refugee foster youth is helping these young folks prepare for life on their own. Once a month, we gather together with hope of teaching about managing finances, cooking, job searches, career development, and more. It’s helpful for our young people to learn from guest speakers. Share your expertise, and help our foster youth prepare for success.


  • Be an 8 Lakes Leg Aches Pledge Rider (June)
    Collect pledges from your loved ones for a 30, 45, or 75 mile ride in support of our clients this summer! Pledge riders make this fun-filled event a success, and spread the word about the incredible trauma recovery work being done at LCS Northwest. It’s easy, and it’s fun!



  • Designate LCS Northwest on your United Way pledge form


  • Volunteer at a fundraising event as an individual or part of a group (flexible shifts, many types of work)



For more information, please call us at 509-747-8224 or email

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