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Help refugees build a new life in the Northwest

There are many heartwarming and rewarding opportunities to support refugee families as they settle in to their new homes and become contributing members of the community. Here are some ways you can help:

Co-Sponsor a Refugee Family

Adjusting to life in the US takes time. Co-sponsorship, through our Circle of Welcome program, helps ease this transition by pairing an incoming refugee family with a group from a church or organization. For a refugee’s first year in the country, the group will help them move to self-sufficiency by assisting with housing, job search, cultural orientation and more.

Host a Refugee Family

Finding affordable housing for refugee families can be difficult. Host families offer to house a refugee family for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. By the end of the hosting period, a refugee will hopefully have had time to secure a job and find permanent housing for their family.

Mentor a Refugee Family

Friendship and social connections go a long way in easing a refugee’s transition. When an individual or family signs up to be a mentor, they walk with a refugee and offer them knowledge, networks and friendship. Mentors may help with transportation, learning everyday tasks like shopping, finding fun outings and more.

Tutor a Refugee

Tutors teach specific tasks that are vital for learning to thrive in the US. A few of the areas a tutor could help with are learning English, budgeting, how to drive and more. While a mentor may cover many of these tasks with one family, a tutor focuses on one in particular and may work with multiple refugees.

Donate Welcome Kits or Furniture

Refugees enter the country with very little. Assembling welcome kits with items like blankets, dishes and hygiene products ensures a family has what they need as soon they arrive. Helping furnish an apartment through furniture donation helps make a new space feel more like home.

Teach Cultural Orientation

When a refugee first arrives, they are required to learn about 15 different aspects of US culture. Volunteers are always needed to help teach these classes. A teacher will generally spend a few hours on a Saturday teaching one or more of these cultural topics.

Organize a Fundraiser

Our Refugee Emergency Fund covers unforeseen needs a refugee might encounter, and always needs replenishing. Hosting a fundraiser can help ensure that refugees are cared for during tough times. You can host a talent show, auction, dinner, race or more.

Help Around the Office

We always need help staying organized. If you’re administratively gifted, we can use your help. By offering your skills, you free up our staff to focus on resettling refugee families.

All of our volunteer opportunities include training to ensure that you’re comfortable and competent as you begin working with refugees.

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