Vancouver Mental Health

3600 Main Street, Suite 200 • Vancouver, WA 98663 • (360) 694-5624, ext.37


The Vancouver Mental Health Program offers counseling services, group support, case management, and other mental health services for Clark County residents.


: Our Mental Health services are part of the Molina and Community Health Plan of Washington's provider networks. Counseling and psychiatric services are currently available to low income individuals who are eligible for Medicaid and need mental health services.

Mental Health Counseling Services in Brush Prairie, WA

In addition to our existing Vancouver Mental Health Services, we will be offering mental health counseling services in Brush Prairie, WA as of July 1, 2015. We will outstation one of our counselors at Bethel Lutheran Church to provide services for North Clark County. This location will be a great option for anyone who lives in Brush Prairie, Battleground, Hockinson, Manor, or Meadow Glade! As with all of our mental health services, we do not provide any religious services and we welcome all. For more information or to schedule an intake, call (360) 694-5624 ext. 37.

Qualifying For Medicaid

Since October 1st, 2013 singles and childless couples are eligible to apply for Medicaid or subsidized health insurance! Many previously uninsured low - moderate income families will also be eligible for healthcare services through Medicaid! Want to learn more about Medicaid and other health plans? Check out the Washington Health Benefits Exchange. SeaMar Community Health Center is providing assistance with medicaid enrollment. For more details and to find the services nearest you, see SeaMar's directory of providers.

Community-Based Therapy and Case Management

Our counselors take a community-based approach to counseling. While much of our counseling still takes place at our office, we are available to meet with you at your home, a religious institution of your choice, a hospital, or any other place that is secure and comfortable to you.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is pleased to announce that we are now offering Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for individuals with anxiety disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For more information on EMDR, see the video on the Services page.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Recovery Focused Case Management

Group Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy


People need mental health services for a wide variety of reasons! Many people who suffer from mild to moderate anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and other conditions could benefit from counseling, support groups, or other kinds of therapy.

Psych Central has a brief quiz that can help you to determine if you might benefit from counseling services! Check it out here:

Does my loved one have a mental health condition?
How serious is her/his condition?

Signs of a mental health condition include:

  • Recent social withdrawal and loss of interest in others.
  • An unusual drop in functioning, especially at school or work, such as quitting sports, failing in school, or difficulty  performing familiar tasks.
  • Problems with concentration, memory, or logical thought and speech that are hard to explain.
  • Heightened sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells or touch; avoidance of over-stimulating situations.
  • Loss of initiative or desire to participate in any activity; apathy.
  • A vague feeling of being disconnected from oneself or one’s surroundings; a sense of “things not being real”.
  • Unusual or exaggerated beliefs about personal powers to understand meanings or influence events; illogical or “magical” thinking typical of childhood in an adult.
  • Fear or suspiciousness of others or a strong nervous feeling.
  • Uncharacteristic, peculiar behavior.
  • Dramatic sleep and appetite changes or deterioration in personal hygiene.
  • Rapid or dramatic shifts in feelings or “mood swings.”
  • Experience visual or auditory hallucinations.


Does my loved one need to be “committed” or receive emergency care?

in many cases, individuals experiencing the symptoms of a moderate to moderately severe mental illness may exhibit behavior that is disconcerting to loved ones. However, individuals cannot be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital unless they demonstrate that they are at risk of harming themselves or others.

If you believe that your loved one may be at risk of harming her/himself or others, call the 24 hour county crisis line at (800) 626-8137 | (360) 696-9560. In the case of emergency, call 911.

While symptoms may be highly distressing to individuals and family members, they are treatable and manageable. Psychiatric and cognitive behavioral treatments do work, and recovery is possible. People can learn to manage mental health symptoms and address root causes. The first step towards recovery is giving us a call: (360) 694-5624, ext.37 to schedule an intake and assessment.



Through our contracts with Molina Health Care and Community Health Plan of Washington, we are able to provide services to Medicaid recipients requiring services that have been deemed medically necessary. For an intake and evaluation to determine if you qualify for mental health services, call (360) 694-5624, ext.37.

Due to the Federal Mental Health Expansion of 2013, many individuals who were previously ineligible for Medicaid will become eligible this year. If you were previously ineligible for Medicaid, you may be newly eligible as of October 1. Even if you are not eligible for Medicaid, you may be eligible for subsidized health insurance through the Washington Health Benefits Exchange. Check out the exchange at:



Do I need to be a Lutheran to receive services?

No. The services of Lutheran Community Services Northwest are provided without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious belief, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ability, military or veteran status, source of income or political affiliation.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest does not provide any religious services to the community. No matter who you are, we hope that you feel comfortable here!

Do you provide Christian counseling?

Our counseling staff is sensitive and supportive of a wide variety of religious beliefs; as a faith-based agency we affirm the value of faith in people’s lives. Our counselors are sensitive and supportive of individual religious preferences and beliefs.

As a secular humanist, will I feel comfortable accessing counseling services at Lutheran Community Services Northwest?

Again, our sincere hope is that – whatever your thoughts on religion – you feel comfortable in seeking services here. Our agency staff comes from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, and some consider themselves atheists or agnostics.

What is Lutheran Community Services Northwest?

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit human services organization, with 15 offices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Our mission is to “Partner with individuals, families, and communities for health, justice, and hope”.

I thought Lutheran Community Services Northwest Vancouver was focused solely on refugees and immigrants. What is the reason for the change?

Starting in 2011, Lutheran Community Services Northwest began to broaden the scope of our activities in the community to better meet the needs of the average Clark County resident. Our first step was to add free Crime Victim’s Advocacy services to our array. The Crime Victim’s Advocacy program was started in the summer of 2011. However, it is worth it to note, that LCSNW offers the same Victim Advocacy Services in Spokane, WA.

Likewise, we offer Mental Health Services in Spokane, Kennewick, and Seattle, and are well known throughout the Northwest for our counseling services. In advance of the Medicaid Expansion of 2013, we entered into discussions with Southwest Washington Behavioral Health to explore the concept of establishing a Mental Health program in Vancouver. It is a pressing need in our community.

Are you related to the Lutheran Community Services Northwest in Portland?

Yes, we are the same organization.

Didn’t you used to be called Lutheran Family Services?

Yes, in 2001, Lutheran Family Services of Oregon and SWWA combined with Lutheran Social Services of Washington and Idaho to form Lutheran Community Services Northwest.

I noticed that you do not provide services for individuals enrolled in private insurance or Medicare. I hope that this is an option soon. Where can I voice this opinion?

Call (360) 694-5624 ext. 37 to voice your opinion.

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