A Family Gathering Place

Nurturing children. Strengthening families.

A Family Gathering Place Relief Nursery provides individualized support for parents and therapeutic classroom experiences for their young children to develop and strengthen healthy family relationships. ​Toddler classes (age 24 months to 36 months) are held Mondays and Thursdays. Wobbler classes (age 12 months to 24 months) are on Wednesdays. Infant classes (age 6 weeks to 12 months) are on Fridays. All classes run from 9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

There is no cost to participate in the program.

We will be your partner as you and your family develop the following tools:

  • A better understanding of your child’s needs
  • Healthier connections with family & friends
  • The ability to find & access community resources
  • A network of parenting support

As a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest, we are able to provide even more comprehensive services for families. We can provide enrolled families with direct access to mental health clinicians, substance use disorder specialists, and programs/classes for individual, family and group work. 

Whatever you and your family are going through, we are here to help!


Is A Family Gathering Place the right fit for you?

We understand that parenting can be difficult. Any parent can schedule an informational meeting with us. We can meet you at the Relief Nursery or in your home. We can schedule tours of our new facility for prospective families, as well as community partners and agencies. We’ll explain what we do and we can decide together if the program will meet your needs. If our current services are not suitable for your needs, we will help you connect to other resources in the community.

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A Family Gathering Place Relief Nursery
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Some economists estimate that a quality early childhood education pays a return of up to $18 for every dollar given. If investing in the future students and workforce of Klamath County resonates with you, donate today or ask about serving on our Steering Committee.


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If you can find 1-3 hours to consistently come into the Nursery each week to interact with toddlers or preschoolers, and help reinforce both academic and behavioral lessons, please call us today at 541-883-3471 to learn more about our therapeutic classrooms and how you can help.

What We Do

Building healthy connections in a therapeutic classroom

Our classroom is child-centered. Although there is a consistent pattern to each day, children largely decide in which activity they will engage. Our well-trained staff use what they know about the child, their current home situation, and the activity they have chosen to help them move toward the goals established by their parents, with help from the child’s teacher/home visitor.

Children enrolled at A Family Gathering Place Relief Nursery attend this therapeutic classroom for 47 weeks of the year. The focus of the classroom is on social-emotional skills, helping toddlers and preschoolers (up to age 6) develop a strong sense of self. Children who may initially respond to their environment with fear, anger, and outbursts often make significant strides toward a calmer, less reactive way of engaging with their world.

Research tells us that 90% of brain development occurs before the age of 6. The architecture of the brain is making constant connections. Children enrolled in the Relief Nursery are getting the language, touch, sound and movement they need in order to make positive healthy connections at this critical time. This is important work!

Fostering emotional stability through home visits

Our home visits center around child development and parenting strategies. By better understanding the ages and stages of infants, toddlers, and young children, parents can have more reasonable expectations for their child’s behavior. This makes them less likely to respond with anger or violence.

Research shows that an evidence-based home visiting program consistently delivered over a long period of time can substantially lift a family. Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and brain researcher, cites the emotional stability of the home as the greatest predictor of intellectual success.

The model used by A Family Gathering Place also lends itself to kindergarten readiness. By helping children develop a strong sense of self as well as social and emotional skills, children are better prepared for kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers can then focus on instruction instead of having to discipline children who misbehave.

Promoting positive interactions through family engagement

Staff organize Family Fun Nights and Parent Education Sessions monthly. Family Fun Nights are hosted at a Klamath Falls business or agency. They include a fun activity, meal and short presentation about the host organization. We’re helping parents discover or low or no cost family activities that are available in our community. The YMCA, the Children’s Museum and Epicenter bowling are just a few examples of places we have visited.

Parent Education Sessions are held monthly at the Relief Nursery. These events include a program, often with a guest speaker, which centers on a topic that is helpful to our families. These events may be virtual as needed. 

Nuturing hope through outreach services

We conduct home visits to observe the family and offer on-site parenting education and coaching. During these visits, parents can ask questions about child development and ways to help prepare their children for kindergarten. We can provide referrals to other services based on the family’s unique needs. These visits also offer parents an opportunity to talk to someone they trust. And the children always get excited to have their Teacher (or Outreach Interventionist) come for a visit to their home!

For the Parent Education Sessions, we provide child care and transportation for families when needed, and serve light refreshments or a meal. 

Meeting basic needs so families can thrive

Children sometimes have growth spurts that don’t coincide with pay days. We assist families with new and gently used clothing as well as diapers and wipes as needed. We also collect non-perishable food items to give to clients experiencing food insecurity, as well as partnering with the Klamath County Food Bank to provide more substantial weekly food boxes. Bus tokens are available to parents participating in our programs based on need and availability.

Supporting families with respite care

We provide respite care services for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years as situations arise. Parents may feel especially overwhelmed and need a break, or they may have an appointment or an emergency situation and need childcare.

Respite is scheduled monthly, but may also be available on an as needed basis upon request. Contact the Relief Nursery team for more information.

Accepting donations of diapers and wipes

With so many kiddos coming through our doors and all the home visits we provide, A Family Gathering Place always needs diapers in a variety of sizes and wipes to clean up. We would love to connect with community partners for a diaper drive, or you can purchase these items directly through our Amazon Wish List. Thank you!

These generous funders provide hope to vulnerable families

Douglas ESD

Echo Bay Foundation

Ford Family Foundation

JTMF Foundation

Lamb Foundation

Oregon Community Foundation

Quota Club – Klamath Falls Chapter

Our community partners help children reach their full potential

Communities United Resource Network

Community UPLiFT

Dept. of Human Services

Foster Grandparents Program

Friends of the Children

Head Start

Healthy Klamath Connect

Klamath Basin Behavioral Health

Klamath County Education Service Dist.

Klamath County Food Bank

Klamath County Health Dept.

Klamath County Library

Klamath Tribes

Safe Families for Children

South Central Early Learning Hub

Take Root Parenting Connection

Trends on Thriving (TOTs) Coalition


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