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As U.S. adapts

to another

refugee crisis,

so will we


The Biden Administration takes one more step toward accepting 100,000 Ukrainians. A statement from our CEO explains what needs to happen next.


The refugee situation is so complex, we held an “Understanding Ukraine” webinar on May 4 to help you get a better grasp of it.


We’ve assisted thousands of refugees in recent years, and news media coverage shows we’re ready to do it again.



Historic gift

to LCSNW is

a game-changer


A $15 million gift from the William A. Looney Family Foundation puts us in great position to help thousands of isolated seniors feel remembered — not just in Washington state, but on a national level. Learn about the next phase of the Santa for Seniors program here.


It’s time to

fulfill a promise

to our allies

For hundreds of Afghans who recently fled to the Northwest, a clear pathway to legal permanent residence is blocked. This defies historic precedent. It also goes against America’s humanitarian responsibliity to that country’s people as they try to start new lives. Here’s what LCSNW is advocating for.

Behavioral Health Services

Achieving health and well being for a better life

Better lives mean better communities. So we partner with thousands of people as they make their journeys from addiction, trauma and mental health issues to recovery, hope and happiness. Learn More

Family and Community Support

Building stronger families and communities

By breaking generational cycles of poverty and trauma, we make a powerful positive impact on people and communities. Learn More

Refugee and Immigrant Services

We help refugees and immigrants rebuild their lives in a new country

We believe in the American dream. That’s why we help people who’ve endured the unimaginable to pursue it. Learn More

Child Welfare Programs

Keeping kids safe, supported and loved

We believe all children deserve homes where they feel safe and loved. That’s why we work to ensure that neglected, abused, parentless and other at-risk children are surrounded by loving families. Learn More

Aging and Independent Living

Enriching communities with active and engaged seniors

We believe our communities are richer when seniors and people with disabilities are part of the social fabric. Learn More

Crime Victim Services

Standing up for victims of crime

We stand with victims of crimes to offer personal support, connections to services that aid with healing and recovery, and assistance through investigative and legal processes. Learn More

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