Employment Services

Connecting those in need of employment assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time for everyone, but for some, the challenge continues. Many have lost their jobs and/or homes due to the pandemic or other circumstances. Lutheran Community Services Northwest offers employment assistance in King County to those in need of employment, including those experiencing homelessness.

We connect people to livable-wage careers of +$20/hour or more for full-time, permanent positions. Employment opportunities include benefits and 401K.

Our team is ready to help individuals by offering assistance in employment preparation and a variety of employment opportunities in King County.

For more information about our employment services in King County, email [email protected].

Employment Specialists can assist with:

  • Applications
  • Certifications
  • Creating resumes
  • Employer partnerships
  • Job searching
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview clothing/attire

Qualifications for employment assistance:

  • Anyone* experiencing homelessness and/or couch surfing
  • Anyone* whose employment was affected by COVID-19 and/or has been unemployed due to COVID-19

*Must be legal to work in the United States