Safe Families for Children – Treasure Valley Idaho

Giving help and hope to families in crisis

When a crisis hits, many of us rely on relatives and friends for support and to care for children. For some parents, this is not an option. This is where Safe Families for Children can help.

We surround families in crisis with a circle of compassionate volunteers. Our goal is to keep your children safe in a loving home environment while you deal with the crisis and get back on your feet. Your children can stay with volunteers for as little as a couple of days to several months.

How Safe Families Work

A Network of Support

Struggles like job loss, eviction, medical emergencies and domestic violence can leave families feeling desperate and alone. While your children are cared for, we pair you with ‘family friends’ and a ‘family coach.’ These volunteers walk alongside you to help bring stability to your life. They help with child care or transportation, and can provide guidance in securing work or housing. Once your home environment is stable and healthy, we’ll work to reunite your family.

Safe Families Basics

Safe Families is a national faith-based program led by volunteers with 100+ chapters. We offer short-term care for your children in another family’s home – this is not foster care or adoption. You maintain full custody of your children and can request their return at any time. Other information:

  • Children ages 0 – 18 can be hosted, including pregnant teens.
  • Host families receive no compensation, and are thoroughly screened.
  • You will have regular visits and contact with your children.
  • Participation is completely voluntary.


Stand Together Foundation will match every gift to Safe Families for Children up to $1000 per donor in 2020. Please give today!


It wasn’t a shameful experience to ask for help?

A family’s safety net was their neighbor instead of the government?

Children could be protected without being taken from their parents?

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Stand Together Foundation will match every gift to Safe Families for Children up to $1000 per donor in 2020. Please give today!

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