Supported Employment

Creating Employment Opportunities

We remove barriers and help people find their sense of purpose in the work world and in life. We work with adults diagnosed with a mental illness who have a desire to work. We partner with them to find a job they are interested in.

Nobody is screened out of Supported Employment for missed appointments or substance use. Our program is designed to assist clients in overcoming their barriers to employment, no matter what those barriers are.

Local employers are key to our efforts. We work with employers in the community to create or carve out jobs that accommodate people’s interests and natural skill sets. Most clients would not make it through the traditional hiring process without Supported Employment.

We have many success stories. Maintaining employment for our clients has an immeasurable impact on a better quality of life for our clients, their families and our community.

More than 60 percent of our clients have found employment. We work with any and all employers in Klamath County and surrounding counties if necessary. Our Klamath Falls Supported Employment program has been ranked in the top five in the State or Oregon for the last four years for the number of clients working.

You can self-refer to participate in our Supported Employment program. Any mental health provider in our community and Vocational Rehabilitation can refer you to our program. Supported Employment can be paid for by the Oregon Health Plan, fee for service, sliding fee scale and in some instances through Vocational Rehabilitation.

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