WISe: Wraparound with Intensive Services

Improving the wellness and safety of youth and families

Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) came out of a need to serve youth with mental and behavioral health challenges in their homes and communities to decrease the reliance on out-of-home placements. When other strategies haven’t worked, it’s time to try WISe.

The WISe Program offers:

  • Facilitation of the wraparound process to identify the needs behind the behavior.
  • Development of individualized plans to address those needs while allowing the youth to remain in their home.
  • A team-based, collaborative approach with the family’s voice at the center.
  • A therapist to help the youth process life events and find healing.
  • A focus on strengths and providing multi-level support to the family and youth. 

Making a plan that works for your family

WISe is a focused and purposeful program, tailored to the specific needs of the family and youth, using the strengths each member brings. WISe equips families with skills to manage the stress and complexities of having a child with mental and behavioral health challenges and provide support to youth while allowing them to safely remain home and in the community. We specialize in working with youth who have multiple system involvements including Juvenile Justice, Child Protective Services, etc.


WISe serves youth under the age of 21 who are Medicaid eligible and have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. WISe is a voluntary program.


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