Youth Advisory Board

In partnership with LCSNW’s Advocacy & Clinical Programs, this is a free and inclusive youth-led group.
The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) aims to create a safer and healthier community for youth in Spokane.

Please Join Us
The Youth Advisory Board is open to any Spokane County teen ages 13-18 years old. We meet the third Thursday of each month from 4-6pm, in-person at LCSNW (210 W. Sprague Ave).

To join, please contact us at (509) 381-4940 or [email protected].


You should be here if you want to…

  • Reduce mental health stigma while spreading awareness for teens
  • Learn more about mental health, coping skills and your community
  • Have fun with your friends and meet new people your age
  • Make your resume and college applications stand out
  • Have your voice be heard regarding mental health
  • Enjoy yummy snacks and win prizes for attending

Perks & Opportunities

  • Reduce stigma around mental health
  • Empower youth and build leadership skills
  • Learn about safe internet usage, healthy teen relationships, and use media/art to advocate for change
  • Partner with organizations to promote mental health awareness
  • Help create, organize, and engage in community events and activities

Upcoming Meetings:

April 18, 2024
May 16, 2024
June 20, 2024


About LCSNW’s Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board’s mission is to give teens a voice within mental health services and encourage them to be mental health advocates in their communities. By learning and sharing tools, teens become part of the movement to reduce stigma and amplify teen voices surrounding mental health. The YAB strives to increase awareness about how mental health impacts teens, healthy coping skills, and how to offer support to others who may be struggling. These goals are accomplished, in part, by meeting with local groups to advocate for and normalize conversations about mental health.

We value YOUR voice. Your voice matters at Youth Advisory Board meetings.

Technology & Online Safety

The YAB is currently working on a social media campaign to raise awareness about how to be safe online. Technology abuse is a common tactic used in dating violence. Harmful partners use social media, texting, and other forms of technology to gain power and control. Technology abuse does not happen in insolation. In fact, many young people also experience psychological abuse, physical abuse, and sexual coercion. 

The YAB is creating fun posts to share tips and tricks on how to protect yourself while using various social media platforms. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Examples of technology abuse

  • Threatening to share fake or private pictures or content
  • Constantly texting or calling
  • Sending threats or demanding information
  • Making jealous comments about pictures on social media or your online activity

Learn tips and tricks on how to be safe online by checking out the links below and follow us on

For any help with planning your safety, support, and talking through options, please call the advocacy 24-hour confidential and anonymous support line at 509-624-7273.

Want to Join? Let us Know

If you are interested in joining the YAB or have questions, please reach out to our Group Co-Facilitator, Bailey at (509) 381-4940 or [email protected].

Find US Online

Check out our Instagram account which provides more information about who we are as a group, what we do, and provides information to spread mental health awareness.

Mental Health Resources


Regional Crisis Line: 1.877.266.1818

Crisis Text Line: Text “hello” to 741741

To reach a Counselor of Color:
Text “Steve” to 741741

LGBTQIA+: Text “start” to 678678