Change the Life of a Refugee Youth

LCS Northwest is always looking for foster parents in the Seattle area who will open their homes and hearts to children and youth.

This short video highlights the need for foster parents for refugee and immigrant teenagers. These older youth have been forced to flee their home country and have no adults to care for them. Together with their new foster families, they experience healing and a path to a bright future. We call this our Refugees Northwest Foster Care Program. You can learn more about it here.

Refugee youth have fled war, persecution and violence. This is your opportunity to stand alongside one of these youth at the most important juncture for their future. Those who have been foster parents for these children tell us that it changed their lives for the better, too.

Just like all children, these youth need parents to love and care for them. If you are up for the challenge of providing healing, compassion and stability, please contact us.