Our Communal Bowl Will Help Refugees, Immigrants and Local Farmers

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Refugees & Immigrants

YOU can support our refugee and immigrant neighbors by joining our Communal Bowl! Lutheran Community Services Northwest is teaming with Coopers Hall and local agriculture to make this possible in Portland.

Across the world, the Communal Bowl signifies that one does not eat alone. For refugees and immigrants, eating alone is isolation, which is the most threatening aspect of leaving their homeland and rebuilding a life here. How do families cope? They come together at mealtime and share at the Communal Bowl.  

Is it possible for us to understand what our refugee families have lost…how daunting it is to navigate a new life in America? When there is a global pandemic, all the challenges of assimilation are multiplied by 10. Our Multicultural Community Services sets the table for refugee families by giving them the emotional and practical support they need to rebuild their lives. Through the pandemic and all the other barriers to integration, we are there.

Your generosity will help refugees defeat isolation, transition successfully and offer their unique contributions to enrich our communities. Make a donation today by clicking here! See this television piece to learn more about our Communal Bowl.

In the Portland area only, donations over $350 made by Tuesday, Nov. 17 are eligible for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box and wine from Coopers Hall. This will be a locally-sourced, at-home, farm-to-table meal. Donors receiving this gift will be contacted directly.