Farewell to ‘Dr. G’ after two-decade partnership

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Behavioral Health, Child Welfare

Sometimes youth experience a mental health crisis and need immediate support. Over the last 19 years, Dr. Rinah Gutierrez has partnered with our Stabilization and Wellness in Families together (SWIFT)  program in the Tri-Cities to provide medication management services to youth facing these circumstances.

This month marks the end of her time with us. We are so thankful for the dedication and compassionate care that Dr. Gutierrez has provided to the youth and families of our Tri-Cities communities. We will truly miss her presence in our Kennewick office. 

Here are a few things our SWIFT staff had to say about Dr. Gutierrez (whom we lovingly refer to as Dr. G.):

“Dr G has been a wonderful person to get to know these past 13 or so years. She has been a valuable asset to the SWIFT team, and her compassion and care for the youth and families in SWIFT has always been steadfast. I have always told families how lucky they are to have her on their team.” 

“I just want to share my appreciation and gratitude for all the work, time and dedication that Dr. G has given to the youth of this community. She’s irreplaceable, and will be greatly missed. Thank you, Dr. G!” 

“Whenever families were nervous about medication management I would tell them that Dr. G was very good at listening to their concerns and explaining all the options, and they would not feel forced into taking medication. She does an excellent job of talking directly to the youth and listening to them, rather than just their parents as I’ve seen some providers do.  I’ve also been very impressed at how compassionately she provides education to parents and clients who may be reluctant to engage in treatment due to cultural stigmas. I learned a lot from watching her do evaluations with clients that has been helpful in my new role.”

“Dr. G has been an amazing asset to our agency, the individuals we serve, and our community.  She truly embraces our mission.”    

Thank you Dr. Gutierrez for your service to our agency and good luck in your next chapter!