Giving voice to immigrants’ stories

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Refugees & Immigrants

We recently produced a series of three videos that explore the immigrant experience by sharing the stories of three of our clients.

The videos, released as part of National Immigrants Day on October 28, are about Ismael, Isabel, and Mostafa. Each individual sought safety in the United States after their lives were threatened in their home countries. Each received legal support for their asylum cases from our Safe Route Immigration team. 

Safe Route provides legal services to refugees and immigrants from Salem, Oregon north to Seattle. For more than 40 years, this program has provided a growing offering of services that today includes advocacy for immigrant rights, community education, and legal guidance as clients become integrated as Americans.

Our first video profiles Ismael, who sought refuge in the United States after being persecuted with threats to his physical safety due his sexual orientation. 

We’re also sharing a story about Isabel, who made the agonizing decision to leave her home to escape violence. With the support of LCSNW’s Safe Route, Isabel received defensive asylum for herself and her girls and has carved out a new life in the Pacific Northwest.

The third video is the story of Mostafa, who fled his country escaping religious persecution. LCSNW helped him win asylum for himself and one of his children. Now, he continues working with our Safe Route attorneys and advocates to help his two other children gain asylum.