Two staff represent LCSNW on state refugee council

by | May 17, 2024 | Refugees & Immigrants, Uncategorized

As of April, two staff people from LCSNW represent the interests and needs of refugees at a statewide level. Olesia Dmytriieva recently was selected by the Washington State Refugee Advisory Council as its newest member. She joins Yuliya Parenko on the council, who has served as a member since 2021.

Both work out of our Vancouver offices. Yuliya is a case manager for the MCS Refugee Resettlement & Placement. Olesia is a case manager for the PRIME program, which helps refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian parolees by providing case management. PRIME stands for Promoting Refugee Integration, Mobility, and Empowerment.

“Because of my role at LCSNW, I want to do my best to assist refugees and immigrants locally and on a state level,” Olesia said.

The council is composed of 13 members in six counties where populations of refugees are growing. The purpose of the council is to help ensure state officials hear local concerns regarding refugees, prioritize refugee-related needs and issues, and provide support in planning for policy, programs and other services with impacts for refugees and immigrants.

Olesia Dmytriieva shares some of her experience since immigrating from Ukraine to find safety here in Washington state. Her lived experience will be useful in her capacity serving the Washington State Refugee advisory Council.