Giving foster children safe and loving families

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a vulnerable child who needs the love and stability that you can provide? FamilyBuilders can provide a meaningful way for you to build your family through foster care.

FamilyBuilders recruits foster parents in Seattle, King and Snohomish counties who are committed to loving and caring for foster kids. Because many of our foster families commit to both long-term care and prospective adoption, foster kids feel secure and supported no matter what the final outcome. If reunification with their birth family isn’t possible, their foster family becomes their forever family.

As partners for success, we are always ready to support the families we help to create

It can be challenging to parent a child who’s suffered the physical and emotional trauma of abuse or neglect. Night or day, whenever a foster family needs support, our skilled and caring social workers provide expert advice and connections to resources like counseling, tutoring, health care and more.

What support will I receive as a foster parent with FamilyBuilders?


  • Ongoing support from an experienced staff person with a low case load and time for you.
  • Guidance through the foster-adopt licensing process.
  • Training on foster care and adoption issues.
  • Monthly foster parent Support Group at our Seattle office.
  • Information and referral to community resources in King and Snohomish Counties.
  • Ongoing referral and support after adoption.

What benefits are there in becoming a FamilyBuilders foster parent?

As a FamilyBuilders foster parent, you are able to:

  • Have a child in your home who may someday be your legally adopted child.
  • Be part of a team working toward a child’s safety and permanence.
  • Become licensed for foster care and adoption at the same time.
  • Keep a child from being uprooted from their community
  • Receive the complete support you need to successfully foster and adopt a child.
  • Know that you are providing nurturing, security, and stability for a child in need!

What steps do I follow in order to become a licensed FamilyBuilders foster parent?

The first step in the licensing process is attending an informational meeting with a Family Specialist. These sessions are held on a monthly basis, at our Seattle office.

Following the informational session, a personal interview with a Family Specialist will take place. Individuals and families then participate in a foster/adoption preparation group and complete a home study. You will be assigned a social worker to support you throughout the process. When you and your social worker decide that you are ready to have a child placed, you are licensed and matched with a child.

Celebrating our foster families

May is National Foster Care Month. We give special thanks to our amazing foster parents who keep foster children safe, supported and loved. ❤

A Dad at Heart

Patrick D’Amelio knew what he wanted to be: a dad. A single man approaching 40, his friends introduced him to our FamilyBuilders program. And so his journey to parenthood began. Read his story.

You can do it too

People often think that only couples can become foster parents. Not true. One foster mom shares her story.

Begin your journey by contacting us today

FamilyBuilders welcomes all interested individuals or couples to begin learning more about foster parenting today!  As a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, home ownership, education, or income.

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