Since 1946, Lutheran Community Services Northwest has cared for vulnerable children through foster care and adoption in Washington state. Our services have evolved over time from direct adoption placements to foster care and adoption through foster care.
Nearly 40 years ago, we pioneered the concurrent planning model for foster care. This model of service provided an innovative process to address the needs of children and their families involved in the child welfare system. We developed a unique child-centered model focused on putting the child first with reunification as a priority. Today, agencies across the country have implemented the concurrent planning model as the gold standard of care nationally.
As the needs of our community continue to change, we are once again evolving to meet our neighbors in need, including the complex behavioral and mental health needs of at-risk youth.
Thus, at this time, we have made the decision to put a pause on our FamilyBuilders program. Lutheran Community Services Northwest remains committed and involved in the care of children and youth. We continue to provide therapeutic foster care in Spokane and place Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URMs) into foster care in Seattle and Spokane, and are active members of the Washington Association of Children and Families to address systems and policy change.
We thank you for your continued support of Lutheran Community Services Northwest as we move forward with addressing unmet needs/opportunities in our community, and pioneering new models to address them.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest does not provide services related to adoptions, but we partner with the Washington Adoption Reunion Movement (WARM), a Washington-based nonprofit organization for this purpose. WARM can help access legal records from adoptions coordinated by our precursor Lutheran agencies.

Please feel free to contact WARM directly by any of the following methods:
: [email protected]
Phone: (206) 767-9510
WARM Facebook Page

For more information about our partnership with WARM please refer to this form or visit the WARM website.