Hispanic Advisory Board

Promoting the Hispanic Culture in Klamath County

Assisting Hispanic members of the community since 1998, Lutheran Community Services Northwest’s Hispanic Advisory Board is the strongest, most consistent Latino leadership network in Klamath County.  It works to support youth development, the arts, research and both cultural and public education.  While striving to develop partnerships with other organizations, it provides education to strengthen their programs with bilingual and bicultural capacities. 


The Hispanic Advisory Board has been assisting the community under Lutheran Community Services for 20 years and forecasts many additional years of service to Klamath County. 

The Hispanic population in Klamath County represents a considerable sector of the population and contributes significantly to the local economy, diversity and education. This group of the population cannot always achieve cohesiveness with the rest of the inhabitants due to lack of services that meet their specific needs or that advocate for their right to be appreciated and recognized.


The Hispanic Advisory Board offers a community-minded, county-wide forum for issues of justice, equity and health, while growing services for Spanish-speaking individuals and families.  The Board appreciates diversity and serves to strengthen Latino families and leadership networks throughout the Klamath Basin, building community bridges among Latino and non-Latino leaders and community members.    

Mexican consulate visit and HAB organizers. 2018 Klamath Falls

Our Latino Youth Dancers, a troupe of more than forty young people, rehearses and performs traditional Mexican dances that they perform at the Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festival and at a number or other engagements throughout the year.  This ensemble enhances the cultural exposure of the Hispanic population.

In recognition of outstanding Hispanic youth leaders graduating from Klamath County and Klamath Falls City high schools, the Board sponsors the Cinco de Mayo Scholarship each year.

Finally, the Board coordinates the Mexican Consulate Visit in Klamath Falls to serve hundreds of people over a two or three day period.   

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