Victim Advocacy and Education

Sexual Assault 24-hour Support Line

Texting and Live Chat available during business hours.

M-TH 8am-5pm, F 8:30am-3pm

Crime Victim Support Line

Survivors of all other crimes may call this number during business hours and ask to speak with an advocate.

M-TH 8am-5pm, F 8:30am-3pm

Línea de ayuda para casos de abuso sexual: 509-624-7273, las 24hs, de lunes a lunes.

Línea de ayuda para víctimas de delitos: 509-747-8224, de lunes a viernes, en el horario de oficina.

We provide free and confidential advocacy services to victims, survivors, loved ones, and witnesses of traumatic events. We provide these services regardless of whether or not the incident was reported to law enforcement or is being prosecuted. Victim advocacy offers support, information and referral to resources, and specific wrap-around support so people can make informed and empowered decisions.

Our goal is to help adults and children who have been affected by trauma regain their personal power. Please call us any time. We are here to answer your questions and support you.


Tenemos asesores que hablan español. Ofrecemos servicios de ayuda y apoyo continuo, para todas las personas que hayan sido víctimas de un delito. Independientemente de que ya estén en un proceso judicial, o haya hecho o no, la denuncia a las entidades policiales. Ofrecemos apoyo, información y recursos, para todo aquel que lo necesite de forma gratuita. Con el objetivo de que puedan tomar decisiones informada, conociendo sus opciones, y en función de lo que sea mejor para su vida. Centrándose en el bienestar integral de cada quien. Proveemos servicios para adultos, niños y adolescentes.
Some of our Services Include:

Sexual Assault & Medical Advocacy

Anyone may call our 24-hour support line for support and information. We provide 24-hour hospital response to local emergency rooms and provide in-person advocacy to anyone seeking a medical exam or evidence collection. We can support you in making informed decisions about medical care related to a trauma. Under Washington Law survivors of sexual assault have the right to an advocate or support person present during medical and legal proceedings.

Legal Advocacy

We can provide information and support throughout civil and criminal systems. We assist with protection orders. We also coordinate between law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office and provide in-person support throughout including detective interviews, defense interviews, trials, and sentencing hearings.

Safety Planning

We are here to discuss options, provide resources and make a plan that is right for you. Please check out THIS LINK for more information about safety and technology.

Support Groups

We offer psycho-educational support groups. Groups are an effective tool in giving hope and providing support, validation, connection, healing, and empathy.  At the core of all sexual assault trauma is disempowerment and disconnection. Groups can assist in key factors to recovery, including empowerment and connection. Please contact us to add your name to our interest list. 

Community Education

We offer training to professionals, organizations and other groups who want to learn more about our services and the effects of trauma. Please contact us to learn more or request a training.


We need dedicated Crisis Response Advocate volunteers!
Volunteers are vital to the success of our advocacy programs, and make it possible to staff our Sexual Assault Crisis line 24 hours/ seven days per week. Please contact our Spokane office if you are interested in volunteering. As a Crisis Response Advocate you will provide phone assistance and accompany victims of sexual assault and other crimes during exams at Spokane area hospitals. You will provide crisis intervention, support, referrals and information to survivors of sexual assault and other crimes, their families and loved ones. To learn more about volunteering, please click here.
Crisis Response Advocates Needed

Volunteers are vital to the success of our advocacy programs, and make it possible to staff our Sexual Assault Crisis line 24 hours/ seven days per week.

Free training provided with flexible shifts answering the crisis line. Click here to learn more.

Texting Now Available
Did you know you can now text our sexual assault support line during business hours to connect to a WA State Certified Victim Advocate?
Help victims of sexual assault.
Host a clothing drive.
Restore dignity for survivors of sexual assault leaving the hospital. Make an easy purchase of new clothing & undergarments for survivors who surrender their clothing as evidence.
Need more information?

Victim Advocacy services are confidential and protected by privileged communication. Due to Washington law, we are still mandated reporters. If you provide identifying information such as name or phone number and disclose concerns of abuse and neglect involving a minor child or vulnerable adult we will make a report. Please contact our 24-hour sexual assault support line if you would like to stay anonymous at 509-624-7273.

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