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English as a Second Language Tutoring
At Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Learning English is one of the most challenging and essential tasks for newly-arrived refugees. It is the first step to becoming self-sufficient, and the best way to become integrated in one’s community! Getting a good job, communicating with neighbors, or accessing important services such as the police or fire department can be nearly impossible without a solid grasp of the English language.

LCSNW offers English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring services to meet the needs of refugees who are unable to attend ESL classroom courses. This program consists of volunteer tutors who meet one-on-one with a student, providing an individualized curriculum that suits the specific needs of each person. Many students in the ESL Tutoring Program are stay-at-home parents or working adults and would not otherwise have access to learning ESL.

Interested in becoming an ESL Tutor, or obtaining tutoring services?
Please call Sherry Harrington at (360) 694-5624 ext. 26

Be an English Tutor

Learning English as a Second Language is a rewarding and inspiring experience for both tutors and refugees. By serving as an English tutor, volunteers have the opportunity to share their own knowledge while learning about a vibrant new culture. Many tutors develop lasting relationships with the individuals they teach, offering an important ongoing social support.

We ask that all volunteer tutors make a six-month commitment to meet with a refugee for 3 hours a week. In addition, all volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Orientation. ESL Tutors must also attend an ESL training session at LCSNW, or have previous ESL experience or credentials.

To find out when the next Volunteer Orientations and ESL Tutor Trainings will be held, please contact Sherry Harrington at (360) 694-5624 ext. 26.

Curriculum and Testing

Our English as a Second Language tutoring program is funded through the State of Washington’s Limited English Proficiency Pathway (LEP Pathway). The LEP Pathway also funds Clark College’s English as a Second Language Classes, and refugee employment services at Partners in Careers (PIC). Lutheran Community Services Northwest currently focuses on serving the beginning-level students that have recently arrived and need basic survival English to function in the community.

Refugees in the program are tested for class placement according to the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) and placed in one of six ESL levels ESLChart. Most students initially place in Level 1. Following the CASAS Assessment, student progress is measured using materials from Tacoma Community House, which are designed for adult refugees.