You’re never too old to become a U.S. citizen; just ask 85-year-old Beatriz

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Aging & Independent Living, Refugees & Immigrants

Congratulations to Beatriz, who with support from our citizenship program, passed the U.S. naturalization exam and took the oath of citizenship in December at 85 years old. Beatriz is from Venezuela and came to the United States six years ago when she had a health complication. She lives in Portland.

“I had a bad fall and needed a brain operation. I was told I couldn’t live on my own anymore, so my daughter (who lives here) came to get me from Venezuela. That was what began the whole process. I have a lot of family here – my brother, nieces, nephews – and I came to the U.S. a lot as a child with my father because of his business. I have always loved the U.S.”

Beatriz’s family helped her find LCSNW’s citizenship program and she enrolled in fall term 2022. “Well, it was my daughter who found it and learned about the citizenship classes. She got me enrolled, and I was very happy.”

Beatriz has this to say for anyone who has considered taking the citizenship exam but may be scared or nervous: “If you study enough and review all the questions and answers, you will be fine. Have confidence in yourself. It will be wonderful for you. I wasn’t nervous at all on the day of the exam because I was prepared.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining our citizenship program, you can learn more on our website about upcoming courses and registration. You can also register for our free online Citizenship Day open to eligible green card holders on Feb. 23.