Social Engagement – Zoo Walk, Memory Cafés and Music Mends Minds

Social activities and fun for seniors and care partners

We offer different opportunities for People with Dementia (PWD) and their care partners to be socially active, enjoy support from others, and to learn about this stage of life.  We offer three different activities that improve the quality of life for PWD. It’s a great opportunity to socialize in safe settings, make new friends, and enjoy activities that are free other than your food and drink.

Please join us for:

  • Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML) Zoo Walk cosponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Memory Cafés throughout Pierce County
  • Music Mends Minds aka the Pierce County “The Unforgettables”

Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML) Zoo Walk

Get some exercise and socialize with others in the early stages of dementia and their care partners. Our weekly Zoo Walk provides a safe and fun public space for our participants.

The Zoo Walk is a partnership of LCS Northwest and the Alzheimer’s Association, Washington State Chapter.  Most weeks we hold our walks at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. There is no admission fee for participants. Occasionally, we visit another local venue for a little variety. We end with a social hour, where participants buy their own coffee and snacks.

Pre-registration with the Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML) Director is required. To pre-register, please call the ESML Program Director at the Alzheimer’s Association at 206-529-3868. For information about the Zoo Walk please call at 253-722-5682 or email

Memory Cafés

A Memory Café is a monthly gathering for those at any stage of dementia and their friends, family and caregivers. We meet at local restaurants for conversation, coffee and entertainment. For those who are hungry, you may purchase food at the restaurant.

Memory Cafés provide a valuable social outlet for those with dementia. They are a positive safe space where you can meet others in similar situations. We laugh, tell the same stories and share tips for caring for our loved ones. We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and part of our group. Many friendships have formed from our Memory Cafés and Zoo Walks.

For more information about Memory Cafés call 253-722-5682 or email



Memory Cafés  are currently held at:

Mrs. Turner’s Restaurant, 701 E. Main St.
Third Wednesday of the month, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
(in partnership with HomeWell Senior Care)


Elmer’s Restaurant, 7427 S. Hosmer St.
Fourth Wednesday of the month, 3 – 4:30 pm


For more information about Memory Cafés call 253-722-5682

Pierce County Music Mends Minds – “The Unforgettables”

Music Mends Minds is a musical and social group in partnership with the Puyallup Rotary Club. We incorporate the concept of “medicine for the mind.” This group is for those with early cognitive decline, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury or stroke and their care partners.  Participants and musical volunteers are welcome to join in on this unique and fun musical experience.  Bring your musical talents and make new friends!  Singers welcome.

Music Mends Minds meets every Tuesday, 3-4:30 pm at the Mountain View Community Center in Edgewood, Washington.  Founded in October 2018, “The Unforgettables” will perform for audiences this year.

For more information about Music Mends Minds call 253-722-5682 or email



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