8 Lakes Bike Ride Moves to June

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Event | 1 comment

Enough of the smoke already!

Our 8 Lakes Leg Aches annual fundraising bicycle ride in Spokane will take place in June instead of August starting in 2019. Next year’s ride will be June 22, and will take place the Saturday after Father’s Day in upcoming years.

“This is the third year in a row we’ve had the smoke issue,” said ride director Christie McKee. “It keeps getting worse each year. Everyone is saying this is the new norm.”

The 8 Lakes ride celebrated its 20th anniversary Saturday, Aug. 18. McKee said it was a “miracle” that the ride happened. Two weeks prior to this year’s ride, Spokane was inundated with smoke from wildfires. The 75-mile route was scratched.

By luck or divine intervention, Saturday of the ride was the only day where air quality was good enough for lead sponsor Kaiser Permanente to give the green light. Two days later, Spokane had the worst air quality in the nation.

Nearly 360 riders participated this year, which is about half the normal number. Notices had gone out prior to the event that cancelation was a possibility. When Saturday rolled, some riders signed up that morning.

Fundraising was surprisingly good given the participation. The event raised more than $70,000 to support our services in Spokane.  The big boost came from 64 pledge riders who raised about $41,000. More than 200 thank you notes have gone out to pledgers from all around the country.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 22, 2019 for the 8 Lakes Leg Aches Bike Ride. There will be courses of 30, 45 and 75 miles. Registration will probably open next year while snow is still on the ground in Spokane.

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  1. Christie McKee

    This is one of the best-organized rides in the Inland Northwest. Lutheran Community Services does amazing work in our community and I am proud to support their work.