A note to those seeking to get relatives out of Ukraine

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Refugees & Immigrants | 3 comments

So many people are desperate to get family members out of Ukraine right now. We empathize with their plight. And we are preparing to resume welcoming Ukrainian refugees to the Northwest when federal plans for this humanitarian crisis solidify.

However, this is a matter that will be decided by the United States government. Our organization has no control over who leaves Ukraine, where they will go, and when.

For those who have already submitted documents for their relatives through LCWNW or a similar organization and have questions, please contact the International Organization for Migration (IOM) by email – [email protected].

If relatives for whom you submitted documents ended up outside Ukraine — in Poland, Moldova or other countries — then they will also need to contact IOM at the same email address, and report their location. Remember that only the principal applicant in the case is eligible to file requests through IOM’s email.

There is no official information yet about the adoption of any special U.S. program for accepting refugees resulting from the Russian invasion. LCSNW will update this post as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience.

Daryl Morrissey is the Director of Refugee Resettlement for Lutheran Community Services Northwest.


  1. Genene Kluck

    What happens to refugees who come to Poland and have no destination in Poland? Where are people sent and are they given a debit card to live for a month & what counseling resources are available?

    • Daryl Morrissey

      This is a great question, Genene. What happens to people from Ukraine who flee to surrounding countries is the immediate responsibility of those countries, of course, and we have seen some very encouraging news about the reception that people are receiving. As for the US response, and whether Ukrainians currently fleeing the war there will be accepted into the US refugee program, is a matter for our government to decide. It is good to keep in mind that it is generally better for refugees to resettle in a country near to their home country, in the event that the situation in their home country improves and they are able to return home. But sometimes the best solution is for the US or other countries to accept them for refugee resettlement, and when that happens, they will be eligible for the regular package of resettlement support and services.

  2. Daryl Morrissey

    “Hi Judith. LCSNW does believe strongly in affordable, stable housing for all. In fact, we recently added that to our lines of services through a new affiliation with Compass Housing Alliance. But there are many other non-profits that have been doing this work for much longer than we have, including Compass. We encourage you to support one of those organizations if addressing homelessness is a burning passion for you.”