Sexual Assault & Family Trauma (SAFeT) Response Center

210 W. Sprague Ave. • Spokane, WA 99201 • 509-747-8224

It happened. It’s not your fault. We are here to help.

photoYou are not alone. We can help. We heal the hearts and minds of children and adults who have suffered from trauma, or sexual, physical or emotional abuse, often by people they know and should be able to trust.

Help begins with a call. We offer the area’s only crisis response hotlines, so our Advocates are available anytime with medical or legal support.

Our services are free and confidential.

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (509) 624-7273
24 Hour Crime Victim Crisis Line: (866) 751-7119

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photoMany individuals do not seek professional help and end up in a lifelong struggle to lead a normal life. They struggle with relationships, work, intimacy or substance abuse. We can make a difference at any age, helping to guide a person on a path to recovery.

We are the area’s most experienced counseling service for children who have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or witnesses to domestic violence or drug use.

Children and teenagers may express hurt or worry in many different ways.  Your child may seem quiet, clingy, scared or withdrawn. Or maybe angry or aggressive, or you may see a change in behavior, school, friends or eating and sleeping patterns.  Some children may act out sexually.  Not only is this a difficult time for your child, this is difficult for parents, grandparents, and others who care for your child.

How we help

photoOur Counseling services give children, adults and parents the skills and confidence they need to heal and feel safe. Recovering from sexual abuse and trauma can be very difficult for children and their families.

There is Hope. Our services engage all of the members who have been affected. Our skilled counselors help to cope with the aftermath, working to overcome the trauma and to create a safe environment so the abuse doesn’t happen again. Working with evidence-based practices, we help people pick up the pieces and feel whole again.

Click here to email our intake team with questions or to set up an appointment for counseling.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, isolated or scared. Our Advocates are trained to provide immediate help, and to support you through the steps of recovery and justice.

Statistics clearly show that victims who seek the support of an Advocate have a greater success of recovery and when applicable, greater rates of prosecution of the offender. Our Advocates provide support and information to ensure the victim’s medical and legal rights are upheld and they remain committed throughout the whole process.

Our services are free and confidential.

photo24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (509) 624-7273
24 Hour Crime Victim Crisis Line: (866) 751-7119

How we help

Our child and family advocates are here to support your child and you during police interviews and court dates, helping you know what to expect and standing by your side from the time a report is made until the time the trial is finished and every step in between.  Family advocates are someone parents/non-offending caregivers can seek support for their own feelings, concerns, and frustrations.

For an adult, the legal process is overwhelming, but for a child it can be terrifying. We have Advocates who specialize in Legal Advocacy for children. Having the support of an advocate can greatly benefit the child’s recovery, as well as help prevent further trauma. Our advocates can ease the burden of the legal process by assisting with protection orders, preparing for interviews, trials and more.

Click here to email our intake team with questions or to set up an appointment for counseling.

photoSupport Groups

We lead a variety of support groups related to coping with the aftermath of abuse and trauma. Victimization can many times isolate survivors who may also experience additional feelings of being broken, helpless, shameful, depressed and/or alone. Lutheran Community Services support groups provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where a survivor can strengthen his/her support system, find voice, normalize and validate their emotions and gain an increased understanding of trauma. Having this connection helps the individuals and families begin to heal.

Support Group information available at 509-343-5039 or by e-mail.

Educational Outreach

photoThe best way to stop sexual abuse and violent trauma is through education, prevention and awareness. We take an active role in our community to stimulate helpful conversations and to encourage greater awareness of the changes that can be made to prevent these crimes that create such pain and devastation in people’s lives.

How We Help

We provide presentations and trainings for diverse populations and ages at schools, churches, colleges and universities, communities and parent groups around matters of personal safety, issues of consent, teen rape, dating violence and sexual harassment.

In addition, we provide workshops on identifying and reporting suspected abuse for mandatory reporters of child sexual abuse such as teachers, medical staff and child care providers.

To arrange for a presentation or workshop, please call 509-343-5032 or by e-mail.